(Age Related Attitude and Brain DEgeneration Syndrome)

More understanding to brain health and aging process from perspective of lifestyle and environment

ARABDES (A) is a well needed but earlier nonexistent name for a very common syndrome.
Naming it and describing its nature and symptoms, makes it easier for us to understand, prevent or even reverse this unwanted phenomena.

ARABDES is often a pathway to actual memory illnesses, Alzheimer etc. If A starts early,brain health habits are poor, there is great danger about that.

Symptoms of ARABDES in a person are:

  1. Movements, talking and walking becomes slower
  2. Coordination and reaction time weakens, clumsiness becomes more obvious
  3. Body weight grows
  4. Physical exercises  become more rare
  5. Ability to make friends with new people, weaken
  6. Temporary memory failures come more frequently
  7. A person has more and more problems to concentrate to listen to someone or something
  8. Mind is often occupied by memories of the past
  9. Telling stories of old happenings is more pleasant and dominant
  10. Speech is less accurate and focused, more extreme words are being used
  11. A person likes to speak more, interrupt the others and be a central figure in the group
  12. New ideas come more seldom
  13. Learning and adopting new things to one’s own life slows down and stops
  14. Patience is shorter
  15. A person gets worried or even panic easier
  16. Counter arguments in conversation become sharper or even aggressive
  17. Ability really to listen other people´s opinions or any speech, weaken
  18. Melancholy and depression increases
  19. Quality of the sleep becomes poorer,
  20. The right words do not come easily, sentences are not complete
  21. Overall energy diminishes
  22. Lack of understanding of the demands of each situation weaken
  23. Sleep weakens, sleep disorders grow
  24. Life in general becomes more limited and routine
  25. Adopting into new situations weakens

We all get older, also by the brain, sooner or later. The brain capacity, thinking, making conclusions, rationing, learning and everyday life intellectual actions weaken unavoidably. This is natural.

ARABDES means that this all happens needlessly too early and too fast, because of harmful environmental and lifestyle factors.

In very early and obvious cases we can even speak about EARABDES meaning Early Age Related….   Then we mean the early middle age group of a person 30 + years of  develops these symptoms.

A does not mean that the person has fallen ill to any of the old age brain illnesses, yet. They may come later.  
It does, however, means lower working and brain function capacities.  During their last 10 – 20 years of working before retirement, A means unavoidable drop in the productivity and even more so, in the capacity to innovate and interact in a constructive way.

The amount of A and brain ill people are growing fast due to historically exceptional conditions.  There are factors that make this process start earlier and become more severe than in earlier decades.

We can easily find several factors that likely or surely degenerate the brain health and provoke ARABDESH:

  1. High blood sugar level. Most of us are overweight. The same high blood sugar level that increase body weight also degenerate the brains. It is a physiological fact.
  2. Active use of brain has declined. Reading simple texts or watching some screen does not really activate the brain and maintain brain health. We are wealthy and more and more people are just cruising with very small efforts by the brain. Amount of intellectual hobbies is degreasing as “screen time” is increasing. “Use it or loose it” – stands here too.
  3. The amount of omega 3 fat acids (which is the majority of the brain weight) has been declining for decades. Fish caught from nearby lake, game meat, have been replaced with fast/trash food. Some people eat supplements and omega 3 fats or fish several times a week, but they also distinguish themselves from the rest, health wise.
  4. Intake of nutrients is declining due to chemical farming, food processing and poorer nutrient quality in foods. Brain would need large number of nutrient to keep maximum capacity in the long run.
  5. Physical exercise or physical work is declining in general and particularly among some social groups. this speeds up the negative brain health situation. Physical activity increases blood flow and amount of oxygen in the brain, which slows down aging  there too.
  6. Sitting in slouched posture (90/90 position) tenses the neck muscles blocking some of the brain circulation and thus speeding up the brain degeneration. Long term sitting is also increasing among the children and youngsters which is significant in terms of the development of ARABDESH. Sitting in normal/poor posture bothers the lung movements and prevents the natural abdomen breathing.
  7. Amount of heavy metals and other toxins are growing in the environment. They have proven to have effect with the brain health and old age brain illnesses.
  8. Sleeping habits are becoming worse. Sleeping time is creeping to be later and later and amount of sleep is shortening and quality of sleep worsening. both effect the brain health negatively.
  9. Stress increases in the modern society because of numerous reasons. Life causes too much stress for many which, in turn, has effect on the brain. Noise, hurry, insecurity, uncontrolled electric entertainment increase stress. The best stress revealer, unhurried moving in the nature is becoming an unknown method to growing proportion of people.
  10. One strong stress factor, smart phones with its large number of interrupting message signals and SOME addiction, are intruding into our lives with a ground shaking power, and most likely degenerate a lot of our brain health.
  11. Modern science has also revealed that the bacteria that drifts out from the ground in the air into our lungs, is supporting our good mood and intellect. Degreasing time for outdoor activities eliminate also this recourse.
  12. In more and more common urban lifestyle, life becomes physically very passive, sitting type of life. Typical farm environment jobs with animals, field, household and garden, even among seniors, have not really found a substitute in the urban environment.
  13. Use of alcohol and narcotics is on totally different level than some decades ago with poor effect on the brain health.
  14. Heavy use of medication, which seems to be very fashionable nowadays, has generally very poor effect on the brain health and the lever too.

How toprevent and reverse brain degeneration and ARABDESH is simply doing oppositethan in the list above.

Fore example in Finland there is more than 1 milj. brain ill (old age brain deceases, depression, ADHD, epilepsies, other mental illnesses) people which is a shocking number out of 5.3 million.  The ill care of all brain disorders and loss of productivity and innovation cost astronomically to the individuals, employers and national economy.

Good brain health and preventing ARABDESH too has strong base in awareness to recognize and observe the problem. It also takes even more firmness, focusing and courage to make development in prevention in individual and national health policies.

Veli-Jussi Jalkanen
Preventive health specialist