Happy brain home

HAPPY BRAIN HOME By Vessi Jalkanen,
Powerful brain degeneration prevention and brain health development program. If the brain health goes, life goes.THE BRAIN CAN BE MADE BETTER !
Brain health is at great risk in the presentworld. Memory illnesses are rocketing (increse of 25 fold since 1975) because of poor and worsening brain health habits which degenerate brains faster.
 ARABDES (Age Related Attitude and Brain Degeration Syndrome) bothers many starting even after 30 and preceeds into memory deceases later. Alzheimer is called THE THIRD DIABETES.
EARABDES (=early ARABDES) is found in middle aged people (allready 30 +). Symptons: slower walk / talk, reluctance to learn, telling old stories, not listening, bad moods, declining memory.
           living more in the past, inability to make friends with new people, sticking to the old routines only, longer reaction time, poorer body control.            See more in Arabdes -file
Poor brain health habits lower the brain and working capasity starting allready in the persons and gradually degerate the brain and lead in 50 % of population into the memory illnesses.
The brain is 2.5 % of the body weight but needs 25 % of the blood circulation, clucose and oxygen. There is close to 1000 trillion neurons for connections of nerve cells, in the gut up to 500 milj.
All measures that increase the circulation into the brain (and body) are good, all things that slow down, are bad. Brain also needs good nurition, without toxins, to be well and healthy.
The good brain health needs elimination of degenerating things, good nutrients, lots of all body antioxidents, truly healthy gut, biogenesis to produce more nerve cells, multible tasks to solve, rest
Genetics can increase the risk of Alzheimer / Parkinson in small scale, but healthy lifestyle and healthy brain habits are the dominant factors for the brain health.
Study the gut health development program too as part of the brain health maintenance lifestyle.       See ”Happy Intestyne Home”   in   www.vessi.eu
KS Look this 28 min impressive lecture by Dr Daniel Amen for mote motivation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqmb_p8UVtM 
Good brain health is not possible without good mental health. They go hand in hand. Take actions to prevent risks and improve healthy factors in both simutaneusly.
Following hint list gives good means to improve the brain health. Mark on the list what you allredy do, and then add healing / preventing habits little by little:
Good brain habits markings
Old New
habit habit
1 very good alfa lipoid acid in the morning to empty stomach this antioxidant protects the brain all day, take it with Mg 300 mg and vit. C 2 g
2 very good lots of antioxidants in general Vitam: E, C, B , Miner: Mg, Ca, Se, Cr, Si, colour. vegies, super fruit, dark berries, they prevent oxiditation in B
3 very good B-3 vitamin for depression B3 = niasin, use 1000 -3000 / day, for severe depression up to 10.000 mg / day.
4 very good eating B6, B12, foolic acid for basics B´s fits together for effect, B12 1 mg, foolic acid 800 mcg, B6 20 mg
5 very good eating fosfor lipids they help to keep up brain communication
6 very good eating some surper herbs kinko biloba, astragalus, berberin these herbal plant increses the blood flow into the brain etc
7 very good eat melatonin pills starting 40 yrs up  1-4 mg of melatonin helps a lot to the quality of sleep quality and antioxidant protection
8 very good add litium 0.3-0.5 mg/day to your supplements litium is recently found important supplement, the shortage of which is very common and dangerous
9 very good add NAC into your supplements N-asetyleiinikysteiini = kysteiini, tarvitaan glutationin valmistamiseen kehossa, useita terve. vaikutuksia
10 very good take PQQ = pyrrokinoliilikinoni thei has been fpund to maintain the brain health efficiently
11 very good eating omega 3 daily 3-4 g EPA, DFA, PDA,  60 % of the brain dry matter is omega3 fats, because old fats leave the brain every day
12 very good eating omega 3 daily in fish or fish row fish roe is packet with DHA, one spoon a day is super good habit.
13 very good eating medical mushrooms Shaga (Kanoderma lucifum) and Reishi (Inonotus omnibus)musrooms helps the brain trough beta glugan in gut
14 very good eating mushrooms 2-4 servings / week has clear effect on your brain health as prevention; avoid m with heavu metals in them
15 very good eating healt herbs and adaptogens schisandra, maca, ashwagandha, bacopa (bacopa monnieri) and turmeric (curcuma)
16 very good use dark natural berries daily a lot these have strong antioxidents and other protecting properties
17 very good eating herb spices with brain health impacts herbal / medical spices like hyssop, ginger, olive, pepper, rosemarin, dill, turmeric are the best
18 very good beeing outside, inhaling air in the nature earth backteria also in the forest, beeing outside also makes you move naturally and improves mental health
19 very good brain activating hobbies knitting, cross word puzzles, painting art, musik, memory games, any handcraft, excercise, music+movement,
20 very good clean your teeth, keep gum infection away gum infection /bad backteria in the month tripples brain stroke risks and alzheimer
21 very good doing different kind excercises or move rhythm, balance (dance) espacially coordination demanding sports that occupy both hands and legs
22 very good enough truly good quality sleep starting 22.00 window open/ACT on, bedroom all dark, natural fiber in linen, no clothes, 7 h min, quiet, relaxing evenings
23 very good excercise in many ways, super healthy for brain e. in nature, long walks, HIIT, power e., ball games, strech, physical work, walk stairs, etc
24 very good have a hobby of gardening in gardening caring plants, soil microbes, moving, outdoor air, light, meaningfulness all care for the brain
25 very good getting care/touch, hugs and sex regurlarly massage, hugging, sex etc. Optimum is to get 12 hugs a day and min. one massage a week
26 very good good hormone levels thyroid homone, estrogene, testosterone, cortisol, adrenalin all need to be in balance and on helathy level
27 very good good intestinal health and gut health fibre 50 g/1000 kcal, probiotics,2 large soft stools/day, no sugar or antibiotics, little red meat
28 very good good social network renewing friend connections  when you age and some friends ”disappear”
29 very good healthy diet with lots of fiber (50 g/ 1000 kcal) fish, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds raw and blended, good fats, eat sugar free smoothies
30 very good maintain humour, laugh a lot this really keeps you healthy, find good company to do this
31 very good keep good hearing, even with hearing device bad hearing eats the momory off fast, avoid noice and poor nutrition
32 very good keep on learning, what ever and systematically this keep the brain busy long time
33 very good listening music + playing interesting games they both develope the brain
34 very good keep low or normal blood pressure just get it down, it can be done. Ok is 120780, very good is  110 / 70
35 very good keep a pet like dog that reguires excercise this pet makes you move more and shall listen to you, also touching the fur of the animal is good for you
36 very good minimize the number of interruptions all interruptions together, what what ever sourses, are risk in high frequenzy
37 very good neutralize your bed room from earth radiation this degenerates body many ways, eliminate with 2 mm copper wire loop round the bed, conn. grounding socket
38 very good producing something with the power of brain acting, writing, keeping speaches, designing, innovating, renovating, arts
39 very good using psylosibium mushrooms some dozes new science, P mushrooms do increase the number of the brain neurons. Take P dozes with care and intructions
40 very good removing heavy metals from the brain with selen min 200 mcg/day and some herbs, amalgam off from the mouth, use only safe kitchen ware
41 very good repeat what you want to remember repeating things will help your long term memory
42 very good sit up streight on divided swinging saddle chair good posture helps brain circulation through relaxed neck muscles + gut / mikrobiome health and breathing
43 very good steady and normal blood sugar level not too high which would destroy the brain sells, avoid sugar and fast carbone hydrates
44 very good test heavy metals (aluminium in partic.) in brain remove high aluminium from brain  with long term selenium treatment, use herbs to clean up brain, test
45 very good use sharp edge pillow not to press neck vessels Sharp edge (or such) Salli pillow (but just right height) prevents pressure/flow hindrance in large neck vessels
46 very good unstressy excercise daily min 1 hour dancing, playing tennis/badmington/squash (two hands), ball games, with no stress
47 very good use of sauna up to 5 times a week but min 2 tms sauna effects IGF1 +HGH hormons, + other health with over 20 impacts, read the Large sauna file in Vessi.eu
48 good acupuncture with needles or elecricity or lazer, even by pressing with finger, use programs/points for the brain
49 good all things that increse blood flow into the brain good blood flow is essential for the brain health
50 good good quality protein daily 1 g/kg lean weight serotonin and dobamin need this, fish, egs, game, untreated milk, also vege prot
51 good grounding use grounding sheet, ESD shoes, grounded work station
52 good healthy iron levels Hb men 145 – 160, women 135 – 155, donate blood if too high; S-ferritine 30 – 80,
53 good healthy and strong heart heathy heart with steady and good pumping capacity keep good flow of blood into the brain, this is crucial
54 good walk in bare feet this stimulates the brain, eye and ear areas in your big toe and feet
55 good have hobby to play istrument or listen to music this inspires the brain a lot, especially palying
56 good keep your eyes and ears in good order sences are important to the brain health and using them too, especially in the nature
57 good check and restore good neurohormone levels if neurovessels are in good order, also messages work well in the brain
58 good heal your diabetics 2 800 kcal strict diet with no fast cabs for 6 weeks shall heal your diabetes 2
59 good suitable work load, new ideas make ideas with the others, put ideas in action too and get the joy of it
60 good daily quietness /meditation / peace / payer be conscious, wake up into awareness, do not agree to be ”programmed” by any subject
61 useful eating superfoods as part of nutrition maca, spirulina, goji, cacao, lucuma, carlic and especially turmeric 2 tbl spoons a day
62 useful reflexology therapist, can do this or you can do this to yourself too to inspire the senses and brain
63 useful relaxing excercises of many sort meditation, yoga, warm (not hot) baths
64 useful walk in the forest peaceful walk refresh / help the brain and eliminate stress and ground microbes are good
1 no alcohol No No… this harms your brain !!
2 no avoid sports where the head gets shocks even slight shocks like pushing the ball in football repeatedly degenerates the brain
3 no brain dangerous medication, first of all statins many medications harm the brain directly, 25 % of them harm the gut microbes and this way the brain too
4 no continuous hard stress No No… this harms your brain !!
5 no diabetesity, diabetes and overweight No No… this harms your brain !!
6 no eating lots of glutein No No… this harms your brain !!
7 no eliminate quiet imfalammations in the body it can lurk in the mouth, leaky gut, genitals, degenerated joints, excessive fat, vessels, internal organs
9 no heavy metals in the body and brain be carefull and knolegetable not to eat contaminated foods (its hard to tell, I know), become aware and test
10 no high blood sugar level No No… this harms your brain !!
12 no industrial chemicals from polluted environment if you can not eat it, do not inhale it or put on your skin either
13 no keeping blood sugar level high No No… this harms your brain !!
14 no leaky gut eliminate this with seed- berry smoothie + no sugar + no glutein and high fibre
15 no long hard noice No No… this harms your brain !!
16 no long hours in front of the TV No No… this harms your brain !!
17 no long term physical passiveness No No… this harms your brain !!
18 no low activity of the thyroid glans (hypotyreosis) this very common disorder secretly harms also your brain, lots of holistic means to prevent
19 no many changes at work that increse stress No No… this harms your brain !!
20 no medication, regular adopt healthy lifestyle to get rid of the medication many of which degenerate the brain
21 no motionless lifestyle with lots of screen time No No… this harms your brain !!
22 no narcotics of any kind No No… this harms your brain !!
23 no not be able to decide about your work No No… this harms your brain !!
24 no poor bacteria flora in the colon No No… this harms your brain !!
25 no poor mental health for what ever reason No No… this harms your brain !!
26 no poor mouth health and gum infection gum inflammation shall increase the memory illness propability even 2 -5 fold
27 no poor pillow do not let the pillow press your neck at all => reduced brain circulation => brain degerattion
28 no poor posture even average posture head forward presses vessels in neck => reduced brain circulation
29 no processed foods they contain hidden sugar and lots of chemicals
30 no retirement , lazyness when you retire keep on producing something or challange yourself somehow, lazy brain regenerates
31 no shocks to the head soccer, amecican foorball, boxing, some martial arts,
32 no sitting a lot with bad neck and chest posture No No… this harms your brain !!
33 no smart phone etc IT MFR radiation + dependancy use blue tooth/head phone set, mobile far from the body and not in the bedroom, too much screen time is bad
34 no smoking No No… this harms your brain !!
35 no SOME/ games addiction with the smart phone No No… this harms your brain !!
36 no stress that is too heavy or lasts too long No No… this harms your brain !!
37 no to be all the time available for work No No… this harms your brain !!
38 no to be bullied No No… this harms your brain !!
39 no too many interruptions at work No No… this harms your brain !!
40 no toxins mould, lead (lipstick), aluminium, drugs, narcotics, fire retardants, chemotherapy, mercury, silver, nicotine
41 no unexpected work times that increase stress No No… this harms your brain !!