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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen updated 280321
FACTS: Intestyne  4-6 liters, 9 m long, up to 400 m:2 active serfice, up to 500 milj. nerve cells, 100.000 bilj. and-2 kg mictobes,  thousands of kinds
FATCS: gut bakteria = mikrobiome (M) includes 8 milj. genes (rest of the body 20.000), M manufactures vitamis, hormones, immune defence cells
MIKROBIOME (M): all mikrobes inside and on all the skin, all environment is full of B and we interact with them with every touch and breath
FIBER FACTS: F are 10 different kind. Each feed different bakteria types in the gut. Fibers are soluble or insoluble. Both important.
FIBER FACTS: fiber types: dextrins, inulin,chitins, pectins, beta-glucans, oligosacharides. Gut flora cannot brake down cellolosa or lignin.
FIBER FACTS: fibers pass trough small intestyne in 2-3 h, are eaten by M in the large intestyne. Total fiber = dietary F + functional F (cellolosa lignin)
INTESTYNE INFLAMMATION (II): IBS= Intestyne Bowel Syndrome, + chronic inflammation= Dysbiosis = poor quality mikrobiota and inflamated nerve cells
INTESTYNE INFLAMMATION SYMPTONS: trunk fat around the wasteline, swelling, blouting, pain, later blood in the poop => may lead to cancer
DYSBIOSIS: connected with antibiotics, exists with many symptons, connected with tiredness, thyroid imbalans, memory illnesses, depressio
LEAKY GUT: The epiderm (wall of the gut) is damaged which anables toxic content, microbes etc. To enter into the bydy and causing inflammation etc.
COLITIS: Is chronic colon inflammation which can have stages of bleeding, constapation, diarrhea etc. abnormal functions. C increases probability of cancer.
GUT/MICROBE RELATED ILLNESSES: alfheimer, parkinson, skitsofrenia, autism, depression, diabetes, col. cancer, chrohn, obesity, poor sleep, ADHD,
M INFLUENCES:  body fat %, gravings, character / behavior, brain /mental health, sub conscious mind, immunity, energy, self esteen, physical performance
M INFLUENCES on: mental health, muscle power and microbes causing inflammation in the gut can also enter the brain and cause brain degeneration
SEROTONIN (happyness hornome): nervtransmitter in the gut, healthy gut produces serotoning overflow, some goes into the brain and makes feel happy
INTESTYNE is like supersize ”garden” and we are ”gardeners”. What food we eat, M inhale, feed, meet and touch, all has an impact on us
KEY TO GUT HEALTH: fiber 50 g/ 1000kcal: kick peas, seeds, berries, nuts, dark chokolate, oats, lens, vegetables, fruits, beet roots, whole grain foods, bran,
GUT AND NERVE CONNECTIONS: gut is very sensitive to stress hormons (cortisol, adrenalin) and fast or long term stress.
SIGNS OF GOOD GUT HEALTH: poop 2 -3 tms/day, soft, ”fast”, light brown 0.3 – 0.7 kg, good feeling to poop,
NOTE: keep extra fiber along when travelling, changes in diet upset gut easily, low fiber in the food changes the activity of the intestyne without delay
Use the following list so that  in the beginning of the development period and your self treatment (you need to be your own doctor)
Mark those actions which you do allready. Then try to select more actions from the list and try to make them your routines.
Store your old list selection. Keep diary of your intestine habits. See what happens to your health when you adopt more  good actions !
Old New
No habit habit
1 habits good be strict to keep raw meat kitchen ware separate from all other cooking and food handling raw meet often contains dangerous patogens, superbacteria included
2 habits good buy and do medical elecric acupuncture treatment to your self for gut health self acupuncture with e-machine treats multiple problems or health issues
3 habits good eat and drink such foods that you stool is soft and long 2 times a day alltogether 500 – 1200 g / day in heanthy gut food stays max 30 h, stool must be moist and move fast forward
4 habits good keep stress level low and learn to master the stress facors too (read ”Happy mind home” by vessi) gut nerve cells react on stress because they are well connected to the brain
5 habits good keep teeth in good condition and without gum inflammation, 2 brushing, 1 time dental floss, xylitol mouth can be strong place for inflammation, all inflaamation impacts all M
6 habits good minimize inflammation sources in your body like in arthritis, genitals iflammation and extra fat the less inflammation the better M also in the gut
7 habits good optimize your sleeping ( read ”happy sleep home” by vessi) good sleeping cares for the gut and mental health = gut health support as well
8 habits good periodically, incase of disturbance and on trips eat probiotics to help the microbiome VSL3 = Vivomix, which has 10 billion bacteriain one doze, less than 10 bill. Is no good
9 habits good read and learn routine the ”incredients” list behind food package, the more names the poorer it is when you learn this, you avoid many bad products and mistakes, learn E- codes too
10 habits good sit in good posture on a swinging saddle seat to eliminate pressure on the gut in abdominal cavity good posture and core muscle activity speeds up the flow of food through the gut
11 habits good start your day by drinking good water several glasses during the first hour or two without eating water at first in the morning shall detox = clean wastes into the gut
12 habits good toilet /poop in squatting position if you feel that you do not get rectum and colon emthy normally insquatting position colon and rectum areas relax better than in 90/90 sitting position
13 habits good towell your skin gently rather by pressin than rubbing after wash or swim rubbing with towel peals wet skin easier for patogen attack
14 habits good treat off your depression, fear and anxiety (read vessis ”Happy Brain Home”) puor mental health impacts gut health and other way round too
15 habits good treat off your thyroid problems well to get T3 to 1/3 top secor in the reference values poor thyroid health inpacts on mental health and further to gut health, directly too
16 habits good wash your anus as routine after toileting, epsecially if you are a woman likely route of superbacteria is from anus to genitals and over there into body
17 habits good wash your body in all with probiotic (microbiome friendly) soap actiseptics destroy your M balance, probiotic soaps maintain it
18 habits good visit a good acupuncture expert in case of stomach pains skillful acupuncture can be powelful tool
19 habits ! avoid take no antibiotics unless absolutely necassary anbiotics kill good bacteria from the gut and make room for bad bacteria to grow
20 habits ! avoid avoid food with lots of lectins in them lectines are poorly digestabe foods (beans firs of all) with this harmfull carbone hydrate
21 habits ! avoid avoid pain killers they destroy M in the gut, damage can stay many months
22 habits ! avoid do not clothes or belts or belts which press stomach at all and iny position, in sitting particularly anything that blocks gut flow or lymph or blood circulation harms your gut health
23 habits ! avoid do not wash your body often with normal soaps use only probiotics, the antiseptic sopas are the worst, they impact your M balance
24 habits ! avoid keep mobile as far as possible, 2-3 meters, minimize WIFI, WLAN uses EMF = eletromagnetic fields are harmful for body including the microbiome = gut health
25 habits ! avoid minimize glysosate (roundup) intake = plants that are produced with these chemicals, eat organic glyphasate has been found to be most harmfull for gut microbes
26 habits ! avoid minimize keeping mobile in your pocket on the belly phone / data radiation harms good microbes and causes inflammation / risk of cancer
27 nutrition good optimum to eat plants (seeds, berries, nuts, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, algae) 1 kg a day this amount and variable include all fibre kinds and full fofer for needs of gut microbes
28 nutrition good use fermented foods and natural full fat unsweetened youghurt all fermented foods contain probiotics that enforce the M
29 nutrition good eat fiber and intestyne activating foods that you evacuate 2 times a day and the stool is soft /big stone age man ate over 100 g fiber, we normally less than 15, get closer to natural level
30 nutrition good eat fibre much more than ”regular” food has, our gut is build for high fibre /natura food system optimum is to eat fibre 40 g / 1000 kcal and many (10 totally) different kind
31 nutrition good eat food that speed up the intestyne flow such as plumbs, berries, coffee, Mg citrate, any means that speed up food flow is wellcome, within reason of course
32 nutrition good eat natural unsweetened jogurt (if your tolerate milk) rather home made with natural milk yoghurt too has probiotic = milk acid bacteria in it and thus it enforces M
33 nutrition good eat regularly healt spices ( = superfoods) like turmerik, oregano, ginger, rosemarie, kanel etc. its surely worth while to add health spices but regurlarly into smoothie etc daily
34 nutrition good eat the strongest (up to 450 billion bakteria in a dose) probiotics available for weak times use the strongest probiotics through the mouth and colon too when you are weak
35 nutrition good gut friendly foods are genuine, clean, unheated, unpocessed, fresh plant base foods with fibre natural foods usually and often contain good number of fible, processing destroys that
36 nutrition good if possible, get clean whole milk from organic dairy farm whole milk = natural and untreated from the cow, also has good bacteria in it
37 nutrition good if you find, eat only 100 % oats bread but only 2-3 slices a day, 100 % rey is the second best wheat is dominant due to commercial reasons, oats is heathiest in bread and porridge
38 nutrition good learn doing green juice (pressed with special juiser machine) greenjuice has many particles that are excellent for the gut
39 nutrition good learn to do green smoothies with vegetables in the blender with oil etc in green smoothies its easier to eat vegetables than whole. Chew very well though
40 nutrition good let chilren play with animals and on the ground in order to get better microbiome this way they get rich M which is a protecting factor
41 nutrition good optimal brakfast is linen/shia seed smoothie: 12 h soaked seeds, berries, fruits blended well seeds and berries are omong the best sources of fibre and taste good in smoothie
42 nutrition good reishi mushroom ( canoderra lusifum) abolishes inflammation from the guts medical mushrooms have big health potential, read more
43 nutrition good shaga ( inonotus Obliguus) medical mushroom helps to keep good intestyne health medical mushrooms have big health potential, read more
44 nutrition ! avoid try to eliminate white wheat and added sugars totally from your diet harmful wheat, glutein and wheat starch are widely used ingredients, watch out
45 nutrition ! avoid most medicine and legal food additives and conservatives are bad for your gut microbes its best to avoid all such materials if you can and if you need some, make it short dose
46 nutrition ! avoid avoid fast etc other foods with linolic fat acid (palm-, ryps-, raps-, soy-, sunflower-, peanut oils) it has lots of sugar, bad oils, fast carbonhydrates antibiotic meat and chemicals
47 nutrition ! avoid avoid hormone distrupters about 30 of them, study what and from where
48 nutrition ! avoid avoid in the start of the healing process poorly digestable FOODMAP carbonehydrates they are: wheat, rye, cabbage, onion, peas, beans, apples
49 nutrition ! avoid avoid salt  and sodium (Na) in all of is about 40 forms that are allowed as ingredients sodium inbalance, one main cancer reason, low salt, low blood pressure, good health
50 nutrition ! avoid avoid sugars in all forms and fast cabohydrates (= processed) that turn into sugar fast in the gut processed sugar + other fast carbs turn into sugar in gut and cultivate bad bacteria
51 nutrition ! avoid avoid too spicy, salty, spoiled, too old, white carb and foods with lots of preservatives strong spices cause inflammation – kind state in the gut
52 nutrition ! avoid do not eat canned food can walls are coated inside with PBA (bispfenyl-A), hormone distrubter, causes problems
53 nutrition ! avoid do not eat cheap hot processed omega 6 based vegetable oils at all, defenitely do not heat them hot processed Omega-6 fat acids are very harmfull in the gut and cause inflammation
54 nutrition ! avoid do not eat foods from heated plastic wraps, do not use micro owen with plastic wraps heat releases harmful hormone distrupting molecules from palstics
55 nutrition ! avoid do not use products which have artificial sweters in them, they destroy good backteria in your cut there is enough evidence about this that it is a real thing that happens
56 nutrition ! avoid foods that slow intestyne flow: cheese, red meat, too fatty food, raffinated wheat etc carbonhydrates be carefull with all that slows down the flow
57 nutrition ! avoid lots of alcohol is bad for the gut alcohol irritates and causes inflammation in the pancres and stomach especially
58 nutrition ! avoid stop eating processed vegetable oils what are in industry foods like fast food, bakeries, pastries, we are fed up to 50 kg these harmful oils in processed foods, 10 x more than good fats
59 nutrition ! avoid avoid eating regurlarly in restaurants too, they use only poor oils and roast too fast = food gets brown restaurant meals are almost no better than fasts foods, lots of unhealthy materials
60 study useful gut stucture, epiderm, nerve cells, mikrobiome, different parts of the intestinal track
61 study useful notice symptons of intestyne inflammation signs in people: pimples, swollen stomach, poor immunity
62 study useful what foods speed up the intestinal flow, what works with you
63 study useful become aware what irritates your intestyne, be sensitive and aware in this this
64 study useful hormone distruptors, chemicals that interfere your hormonals system
65 study useful learn to notice what causes gas production in your gut, keep notes
66 study useful have your stool analysed
67 study useful learn to study the conditions in you gut by observing your stool, smell, color, hardness, shape, size
68 study useful measure your stool weight, by weighing yourself with good elecric scale, before / after evacuating
69 study useful get analysis of your gut at reflexologist, you learn how stomach, small intestyne, colon are
70 study useful get your thyroid glans lab values (T3 incl.) tested. Gut, hormone glans, brain are all connected
71 excercise good walk min 7000 steps, rather 10.000  a day = 1 – 3 h all together walking is the ”base metabolick pump” in the body, 10.000 steps is best, 7000 ok
72 excercise good have a habit of doing many different kind of excercise strong muscles all over the body produce, when used, BDNF, useful hormone
73 excercise good do relaxing excercises anything that takes dowen stress is good for the gut and health
74 excercise good yoga / meditation / prayer is good to calm down gut nerve system too take down the stress and increse ”happy hormones” dobamine, oxitocin, serotonin
75 excercise good move several times during office day to work with core muscles and help food go futher circulation and gut flow benefit greatly from bits of excercise along the day