Travelling by air is usually very boring, tiring and unhealthy. Recovery from overseas flights takes days. In the vehicles, the productivity is usually poor.

The following hints can be very useful and helpful in eliminating the fore said shortcomings:

Start applying and enjoy.

  1. Book your seat with larger footspace. You may need to be early and pay a little extra, but it´s worth it. Then you can stretch your legs better, go walking easily and keep the lap top open with good space all the time.
  2. Be every time aware what kind of food/ diet alternatives there are available in that airline and order the best one for you.
  3. When boarding is announced finished,look around. There might be some places with 3 free seats free side by side. Move fast and sit on the middle of them spread some of your belongings on both sides to make them look taken. Later during the flight, you can sleep lying down on all 3 of them.
  4. When you lie down, the belt fixing locks usually press you. They come easily off after opening simple lock on them where the belt is fixed to the seat. Put the released belts under the seat on the floor. Then they do not press you.
  5. Always carry Salli Driver (a seat improver made by Salli Systems/ with you on the carry-on case. Put it on your seat, adjust it perfect to you and sit with much better circulation, less swelling, happy back , more active genitals and more energy. You can use the Driver parts folded together as a pillow. Use can one Salli driver seat part or even both parts on top of each other on the on your table for better ergonomics when you type your laptop
  6. Other ways to use the Salli Drivercan be seen in
  7. Pack blankets or pillows on the armrests to make them softer than the standard hard and uncomfortable ones. Rather make yourself special sock type of arm rest paddings.
  8. Always carry good quality headphones to cut off noise, listen to music or audio of the films in Hi-Fi. Also carry your own air – filled neck support and eye covers for sleeping.
  9. Do not wait for others take contact you in the plain where people are passive and tired. If you are brave and active, use your psychological eye to choose some interesting co-passenger and approach him / her, you may get much more interesting flight, maybe get a business contact, hobby partner, pen friend or even learn something.
  10. Take along numerous antioxidants because flying is bad for the health and ages you. With antioxidants taken well before landing, you may walk out full of energy.
  11. With high nutrition fibre before and during the flights, you can keep your intestine activity on good level, which are key thing to be on good energy level after the flight.
  12. Drink much more than what you are served because the body tends to dry up much more in dry and draftee air. There is usually drinks available at the back of the cabin on long flights. Good amount is one cup/hour. Fetching it gives you nice exercise and circulation.
  13. Always wear very slack and comfortable clothes (rather without any underwear) for relaxed feeling and good circulation. Have open sandals without socks too for better circulation. Makeup, ties, tight socks or stocking are really not smart choices on flights. Warm smile is enough for social connections. If you have important meeting right after the flight, change and make up in the toilet just before landing or in the toilet of the terminal.
  14. Keep a sport watch etc. thermometer with you, watch the temperature, report the temperature to the staff with the accuracy of 1/10 of a degree and demand that the temperature is kept on its physiological optimum 24-25 in the daytime and 25 – 27 in the night.
  15. Keep along a good book for take-off and landing digital gadget free times.
  16. Be very social with neighbors in the cabin if possible. They too are bored and are just happy if someone is brave enough to do the initiative. Plain is an excellent place to make friends with someone interesting.
  17. Ignore the suggestions of the staff just to sit still with you belt buckled.   Instead walk around frequently for circulation, refreshment and social reasons.
  18. If you travel alone flirt charmingly with interesting people. There is nothing more refreshing than nice flirt during flights.  
  19. If you find a nice partner, aeroplane toilets are just big enough places for warm “kiss and hug” session to cheer up a boring flight. 
  20. If the plane is full, go in from the terminal among the first ones to get your carry on case just above your head.
  21. On long intercontinental flights,keep with you a rubber band trainer (good on trips in general), fix it on a handle next to emergency exit door handle for exercise. With that you attract admiration and are a role model for more inhibited ones. This might help you to network too. In big planes there is also place for you to do your sit ups and push ups and thus help your circulation and hormone production.
  22. When you enter the plain, welcome the cabin crew and let them know honestly, what is your mood right then. Then they remember you and try to serve you with the best of their capacity.
  23. Take always your own health food (berry powders, fish, fruit, fresh berries, seeds, herb powders, healthy spice mixture with ginger and turmeric at least) and drinks with you in. The envy and interest of the neighbors is a good reason to become also more social.
  24. Develop your things and toilet ware by minimizing the sizes so that you manage with one carry – on luggage. This saves a lot of time not needing to collect/wait for the luggage, or hassle because of loss of it. Also keep a packing list and keep the routine thing sready in the bag and thus avoid the packing stress or forgetting something.
  25. Take a practical super small ceramic fruit knife with you in your carry-on for peeling fruit. You can pass the security check if you have cut the sharp narrowing end off and keep in vertical position in you bag. It shows as a narrow line in the scanner.
  26. Bring 2-5 mg melatonin pill and 400 mg tryptophan pills with you to the night flights, take it 0.5 h before the intended sleeping time. It helps you to fall asleep easier.
  27. Good pass times in the plain are manicure, pedicure, electric acupuncture, self-massage (feet) and stretching on the corridor. Also use dental floss or stick, xylitol chewing gums and brush your teeth after every meal with your electric brush and a cup of water what is given to you by the staff.
  28. You make a great favour to your fellow passengers if you ask persons, who have “bad breath” to wash their teeth as well.
  29. If you want to write some more demanding work- etc. text, do it in the beginning of the flight because sleepiness and boredom often slow down your brain too much later on.
  30. Remember to discuss patiently with the crew about all their mistakes and shortcomings what you notice in the service (food, ergonomics, temperature, entertainment programs etc.) and besides that leave a written feedback too. That is a great way to help the company to improve their service.  
  31. If there are interesting personalities among the crew, one chance for social chat is after the service when they are just sitting around in the back. They gladly choose to listen some professional lectures (which are close to their life situation or health)during such brakes. The massage and reflexology analyses in their feet and legs done by you are often welcome too.  

In any case, being individual, original and truly you on flights is much more relaxing and cheerful for you and your fellow passengers than being dull, traditional, isolated and boring.
Eccentric passengers are also remembered by the crew members. Most of them are happy if there are frequently such inspiring and different passengers travelling.  

Veli-Jussi Jalkanen 😊

The writer is innovative, experimenting, developing, demanding and active air travel customer 😊