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ROOT CAUSES FOR POOR HEART AND CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: high glucose / diabetes, overweight, poor food, exessive stress, poor sleep
ROOT CAUSES FOR POOR HEART AND CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: key mineral shortages (vit. D, magnesium, selenium, iron OVERLOAD)
ROOT CAUSES FOR POOR HEART AND CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: infammation in the body in general, genetics in some degree,
Use the following list so that  in the beginning of the development period and your self treatment (you need to be your own doctor)
mark those actions which you do allready. Then try to select more actions from the list and try to make them your routines.
Store your old list selection. Keep diary of your intestine habits. See what happens to your health when you adopt more  good actions !
Impor    Selected
tance Old New (Importance classes: 1= most important, 2= adopt sooner or later, 3= very helpfull)
No class habit habit
1 habits good if you get heart problems,activate your healing powers and get rid of the root causes
2 habits good if you have heart health risk factors check your cardio health regurlarly
3 habits good eat and drink such foods that you stool is soft and long 2 times a day alltogether 500 – 1200 g / day in heanthy gut food stays max 30 h, stool must be moist and move fast forward
4 habits good keep stress level low and learn to master the stress facors too (read “Happy mind home” by vessi) gut nerve cells react on stress because they are well connected to the brain
5 habits good keep the teeth +gums in very good condition: 2 time brushing, stick after meals, 4 meals a day, xylitol mouth can be strong place for inflammation, all inflaamation impacts all M
6 habits good minimize all inflammation sources in the body like gums inlfamm., joints/arthritis, extra fat the less inflammation the better M also in the gut
7 habits good optimize your sleeping ( read “happy sleep home” by vessi) good sleeping cares for the gut and mental health = gut health support as well
8 habits good with good living habits keep the bood pressure normal or make it become normal VSL3 = Vivomix, which has 10 billion bacteriain one doze, less than 10 bill. Is no good
sauna is good for CVH, have a regular habits to have sauna sevela times a week
moving (walking, skiing, paddling, jogging, working, bicycling) peacefully in the forest
in case you tend to gather liguid in your legs a lot during long flights, take preventing measures
cultivate humour and positiveness in your life, do not care what others think of you, drop SOME
9 habits good read and learn routine the “incredients” list behind food package, the more there are, the poorer it is when you learn this, you avoid many bad products and mistakes, learn E- codes too
10 habits good sit in good posture on a swinging saddle seat to eliminate pressure on the chest and abdominal cavity good posture and core muscle activity speeds up the flow of food through the gut
11 habits good keep air cleaner in tbe beed- and workrooms, move to live in the clean air area
12 habits good do not carry mobile at all in the chest pocket or in the bra
13 habits good adopt living habits which keep you slim or make you slim
14 habits good treat off your depression, fear and anxiety (read vessis “Happy Brain Home”) puor mental health impacts gut health and other way round too
15 habits good treat off your thyroid problems well to get T3 up to 1/3 top secor in the reference values poor thyroid health inpacts on mental health and further to gut health, directly too
16 habits good include heart health spices and herbs into you regurlar diaet
17 habits good use green tee regularly 3-5 cups/day
18 habits good adopt habits which keep or lower you blood pressure to notmal
19 habits ! avoid stressy life is bad for the heart
20 habits ! avoid avoid pain killers they destroy M in the gut, damage can stay many months
move away from stressy or other problematic people in you can
21 habits ! avoid avoid polluted air with lots of dust7 dirt particles
22 habits ! avoid do not take excercises (or competitions) whic load your hearth to maximum for long time
23 habits ! avoid keep mobile as far as possible from your heart, 2-3 meters minimum, minimize WIFI, WLAN uses EMF = eletromagnetic fields are harmful for body including the microbiome = gut health
24 habits ! avoid see that you do not sleep in the earth radiation field
25 habits ! avoid take no antibiotics unless absolutely necassary anbiotics kill good bacteria from the gut and make room for bad bacteria to grow
26 nutrition good eat fiber and intestyne activating foods that you evacuate 2 times a day and the stool is soft and big stone age man ate over 100 g fiber, we normally less than 15, get closer to natural level
27 nutrition good maintain good levels in selenium and magnesium by food, you need to take lab tests as well
28 nutrition good eat minimum 500 g (rather 1 kg) of berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, seeds, nuts a day
29 nutrition good eat natural unsweetened jogurt (if your tolerate milk) rather home made with natural milk yoghurt too has probiotic = milk acid bacteria in it and thus it enforces M
30 nutrition good eat regularly healt spices ( = superfoods) like turmerik, oregano, ginger, rosemarie, kanel etc. its surely worth while to add health spices but regurlarly into smoothie etc daily
too high iron levels are very bad for health, keep Hb 135 -150 and S-ferritin 40-80
high level of fibre shall clean out extra LDl cholesterol from your gut and body
keep eating lots of antioxidants
use olive oil daily
eat fast carbone hydrates so little and such kind, that you blood glucose does not exeed 6.5
berries together with milk fat (cream of fatty milk) together improve the cardio health
elinate foods with high sodium (salt etc.) content, while they lifht the boold pressure
31 nutrition good eat lots of plants with alfalinolic acid (Omega 3) and also take 2-4 g of purified Omega3 oil pills too
32 nutrition good avoid linolic acid (Omega 6) products like palm-, suflower-, peanutfats
33 nutrition good if possible, get clean whole milk from organic dairy farm whole milk = natural and untreated from the cow, also has good bacteria in it
34 nutrition good if you find, eat only 100 % oats bread but only 2-3 slices a day, 100 % rey is the second best wheat is dominant due to commercial reasons, oats is heathiest in bread and porridge
35 nutrition good learn doing green juice (pressed with special juiser machine) greenjuice has many particles that are excellent for the gut
36 nutrition good learn to do green smoothies with vegetables in the blender with oil etc in green smoothies its easier to eat vegetables than whole. Chew very well though
37 nutrition good garlic and red beat juice cleans up in the course of time, the plack flom the blood vessel walls
38 nutrition good optimal brakfast is linen/shia seed smoothie: 12 h soaked seeds, berries, fruits blended well seeds and berries are omong the best sources of fibre and taste good in smoothie
39 nutrition good reishi mushroom ( canoderra lusifum) abolishes inflammation from the gut etc. medical mushrooms have big health potential, read more
40 nutrition good periodically, incase of disturbance and on trips eat probiotics to help the microbiome medical mushrooms have big health potential, read more
41 nutrition good use fermented foods due to their high milk acid bacteria content all fermented foods contacin probiotics that enforce the M
42 nutrition avoid avoid eating regurlarly in restaurants too, they use only poor oils and roast too fast = food gets brown restaurant meals are almost no better than fasts foods, lots of unhealthy materials
43 nutrition avoid avoid fast etc other foods which cotains linolic fat acid (palm-, ryps-, raps-, soy-, sunflower-, peanut oils) it has lots of sugar, bad oils, fast carbonhydrates antibiotic meat and chemicals
44 nutrition avoid avoid hormone distrupters about 30 of them, study what and from where
45 nutrition avoid they are: wheat, rye, cabbage, onion, peas, beans, apples
46 nutrition avoid avoid salt  and sodium (Na) in all of is about 40 forms that are allowed as ingredients sodium inbalance, one main cancer reason, low salt, low blood pressure, good health
47 nutrition avoid avoid sugar in all forms and fast carbohydrates (= processed) that turn into sugar fast in the gut processed sugar + other fast carbs turn into sugar in gut and cultivate bad bacteria
48 nutrition avoid avoid too spicy, salty, spoiled, too old, white carb and foods with lots of preservatives strong spices cause inflammation – kind state in the gut
49 nutrition avoid do not eat canned food can walls are coated inside with PBA (bispfenyl-A), hormone distrubter, causes problems
50 nutrition avoid do not eat cheap hot processed Omega 6 based vegetable oils (linolic acid) hot processed Omega-6 fat acids are very harmfull in the gut and cause inflammation
51 nutrition avoid do not eat foods from heated plastic wraps, do not use micro owen with plastic wraps heat releases harmful hormone distrupting molecules from palstics
52 nutrition avoid do not use products which have artificial sweters in them, they destroy good backteria in your cut there is enough evidence about this that it is a real thing that happens
53 nutrition avoid be carefull with all that slows down the flow
54 nutrition avoid lots of alcohol is bad for the heart alcohol irritates and causes inflammation in the pancres and stomach especially
55 nutrition avoid we are fed up to 50 kg these harmful oils in processed foods, 10 x more than good fats
56 nutrition avoid try to eliminate white wheat, all added sugars totally from your regular diet harmful wheat, glutein and wheat starch are widely used ingredients, watch out
57 study useful
58 study useful
59 study useful what foods speed up the intestinal flow, what works with you
60 study useful
61 study useful
62 study useful
63 study useful
64 study useful
65 study useful
66 study useful
67 study useful is your thyroid glans in balance and active (your are slim, feel energetic and hands are warm)
68 excercise good walk min 7000 steps, rather 10.000  a day = 1 – 3 h all together to be done even in smaller parts walking is the “base metabolick pump” in the body, 10.000 steps is best, 7000 ok
69 excercise good have a habit of doing many different kind of excercise strong muscles all over the body produce, when used, BDNF, useful hormone
70 excercise good do relaxing excercises anything that takes dowen stress is good for the gut and health
71 excercise good yoga / meditation / prayer is good to calm down gut nerve system too take down the stress and increse “happy hormones” dobamine, oxitocin, serotonin
72 excercise good move several times during office day to work with core muscles and help food go futher circulation and gut flow benefit greatly from bits of excercise along the day