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HAPPY  MIND  HOME   veli-Jussi Jalkanen, preventive health specialist
Practical and efficient tool for better mood and mental health, collected and selected by Vessi
-> Depression or melancholy, ADHD, Parkinson, Alzheimer, dementia, stress, hormonal imbalance, skitsofrenia, addictions etc. disorders bother most
-> MH (mental health) is a key sector of health, that can be easily improved with awereness, conscious and selected lifestyle and prevention choices
-> Nr 1 enemy for MH maybe stress. Heavy, long excessive stress causes poorer MH surely. Stress comes from innumerous mental and physical sources.
-> Our stoneage “hunter – gatherer” – brain and mind have hard job trying to cope with the noicy, bysy and complicated modern life full of interruptions
-> Many of us have bad MH because of one, some or serious traumas from childhood. In many cases professional therapy would be helpfull.
-> Brain and psyche can handle traumas much better if the person is leading healthy life. Good MH healing/preventing measures support each other.
-> Main stress hormones are adrenalin and cortisol. Good mood or “happyness” hormones are oksitosin, serotonin, dobamin and endorfins.
-> In the life of good MH, the proportion of happy hormones is high compared to the the stress hormones.
-> Tho whole body is a complex in interactions. All imbalances in soma effect also into the balans of psyche. Good overall health supports well also MH.
-> The medical treatment of the MH has numerous risks, side effects and short comings (including addiction) and is seldom a good choise in the long run
-> The brain biochemistry balans is very sensitive. When this balance is disturbed by any reason/s, person is bound to be depressed or have MH problems.
Use this program patiently with cosideration and grow in better self awareness about your MH. Changes after the start for better may appear soon
                INSTRUCTIONS OF USE OF THIS PROGRAM: Cross existing habits of yours in the column “Now” and then add some in “New”. When you notice
Effect improvement in your mental well beeing, cross and execute gradually more and more measures.
Now New 1 -3 List of GOOD MH habits
1 1 Manage good sleep to yourself sleep is the most important variable in the MH. Study/execute the “Happy Sleep Home”-program
2 1 Have some close social friends you get “therapetic impact” when you talk about your serious personal matters too to someone
3 1 Make choises for good brain health good MH requires also good brain health. See the “Happy Brain Home” – brain health program
4 1 Have real life too besides working learn this: work is important but real life is elsewhere. Lead “double life”: work life and private life
5 1 Learn to be grateful and thankful thanking changes the atmosphere for better in life. Hatered, negative feelings fade away
6 1 Limit your SOME time Long times in SOME produce depression. Active posting in SOME is better for MH than passive
7 1 Seek moments of laughter + humour laughter with friends, funny films etc. Genuine joy and laughter is a good healer of MH
8 1 Have good sauna regurlarly / often Sauna relaxes and produces healthy hormones etc metabolic changes. Cold dips enforce the effect
9 1 Minimize stressy entertainment improve your mental health by shutting down any stressy entertainment in any media
10 1 Avoid bad air pollution area Bad quality air, dim and smoggy sky cause poor physical but also MH
11 1 Mainatin good iron levels Poor Hb and / or s-ferritin (storage iron) levels can cause poor MH, low energy, poor sleep, depression
12 2 Decrease the interruptions ITC messaging interrupt, after each of them it takes 1-25 min. to get “back” and concentrate
13 2 Keep your thyroid glans healthy THS, T4, rT3, T3 hormone imbalans effects on MH. Se, I, Zn, Cu, Mg, vit. D, stress + gut health too
14 2 Balance your menopause hormones menopause can be a major risk for your mental health if imbalance is bad. There`re ways to balance it
15 2 Do voluntary or charity work helping others brings good mood and more meaning into the life, both improve MH
16 2 Inhale peacefully through the nose this habit alone along the days takes down stress hormones and blood pressure
17 2 Have regular sex life have your way for regular sex habits what you feel like needing. This is  important to hormone health
18 2 Have a habit of some hand work some handwork you can do quietly and slowly, like meditating in silence, good impact for MH
19 2 Meet friends by interacting truthfully meeting friends with warmth ususally gives good mood, but serious talk about realities also needed
20 2 Have a relaxing hobby any hobby where you feel like relaxing improves MH
21 2 Avoid noice as much as possible noice increases the pulse, keeps the body is in the state of alarm, which increases stress
22 2 Find spirituality and meaning of life people with spiritual conviction / relationship with God have better mental health on average
23 2 Spend time ourdoors at noon in light quiet nature (even park or beach or quiet street with trees) relaxes in many ways
24 2 Touch your friends, massage others touching brings up “happy hormones”. Promote respectful, genuine and peaceful touching culture
25 2 Avoid stressing dept Take only easily managable loans. Buy rather with money than dept. Consume max as you earn
26 2 Avoid following stressful news news media produces mainly bad news, decide how much you accept to be manipulated by them
27 2 Enjoy of your strenghts and skills be pleased what you can do and achive, be happy from all seccesful actions, also small ones
28 2 Have a house pet pets take down the stress, studies show. One needs to have time with the pet to make this work
29 2 Read interesting books books open world of imgination where you can adventure without stress, just positive enthusiasm
30 3 Get a psychodelic exprience such experince with a therapist can be a game changer in your MH
31 3 Keep order at home / work “order at the table, order in the brain”. Mess increases stress, for sure
Healthy Foods for the Mind
32 1 Limit alcohol to max 1 glass a day small amount of alcohol relaxes, if you take more, it wrecks your health in many ways
33 1 Eat brain healthy foods these are with high Omega3: fish, nuts, seeds, eggs but also vegies like berries, vegetables, fruit
34 1 Have good quality protein you need 1-1.5 g of protein / 1 kg of lean weight for good MH
35 1 Eat lots of fiber we get 10-15 g, but need 50 – 100. Gut bakteria makes “happy hormone”serotonin from fibre
36 1 Eat lots of good fats 2/3 of brain dry matter is Omega3 fats, you need 2-4 g daily to replace. Look “Happy Brain Home”
37 2 Prepare fish/ protein in low temp. 120 C or lower in cookong keeps protein and Omega fats sound, nor produce cancer chemicals
38 2 Use glass-, stone china kitchen ware remove plastics from the kitchen. Palstics releases molecules with bad impact on our hormones
39 2 Keep slim over weight, high blood sugar and obesity increases mental problems seriously and strongly
40 2 Excercise intermitted fasting steching time between meals (dinner – > brakfast ) over 13, up to 16 hours is good MH
41 2 Use medical mushrooms regurlarly some medical mushrooms have good MH impacts, study the subject
42 2 Eat probiotics often suer grout, natural yoghurt, natto etc. Have lots of MH imprving properties through gut microbiome
43 2 Adopt ketogenic diet low carbs with lots of good fats, vegetables and fibre keeps the blood suger steady, good for MH
Supplements, Medical Plants
44 2 Use good Peace of Mind – spices hyssop, ginger,caraway, lavender, pepper, organo, tarragon,saffron, sage, celery, lemon balm
45 2 More good MH spices  lemon grass, vanilla.
46 2 Use good Brain health spices/ herbs Ashwagandha, Cannabis sativa, turmeric, lemon balm, ginger, hyssop, olive, capsicum, rosemary
47 2 Use healthy mind medical herbs together about 30 of them. Hypericum perforatum may be the strongest. Pick yourself.
48 3 Take brain healthy supplements there are number of brain health nutrients, often short in normal diet. See “Happy Brain Home”
49 3 Omega 3 this essential fat is in the fish and seafood, small come from proteins +cold pressed vegetable oils
50 3 Taking memory important vit. B´s B12 1 mg, B6 20 mg, B9 = foolic acid help you to avoid memory degeneration after 40 yars of age
Excercises / moving
51 1 Build your muscles for hormones the older you are, the more important for your MH is a good muscle mass in the body
52 2 Walk in the forest /nature, out doors walk anywhere outdoors, rather in quiet natural forest with varying landscapes
53 2 Walk stairs walk 2 stairs at the time, this is efficient, grows muscles and is a fast way to excercise
54 2 Danzing is excellent danzing stimulates your brain, body, hormones and emotions on many levels, super MH remedy
55 2 Learn to do cold exposure cold dipping between the sauna heat sessions is very good good stimulation and relaxation
56 2 Have a habit of gardening gardeners live longer and happier. Grow herbs that are good for MH
57 2 Go to sport with your children children can make us relax and forget stress, if we truly reserve time for it and be patient
58 2 Walk with the pet your dog can take you out to move
59 3 Learn moving lifestyle excercise is very important and usefull for good MH
60 3 Have massage regurlarly in touching both parties get good hormones, make it a habit and learn yourself to massage too
NO NO!!      Don´t do this,   its harmfull for mental health.
1 1 Avoid sugar eat max 20 g a day, better no added sugar at all, high sugar in very bad for MH
2 1 Minimize bluetooth /microwave all day exposure is bad, esp. for children, use cables, minize time, sleep with phone in flight mode
3 1 Avoid narcotic drugs with narcotic drugs their is little hope or change for good in MH
4 2 Avoid polluted water polluted water with bad bakteria in it has been found to proce mental problems
5 2 Minimize your chemical contacts chemicals and mixed exposure of them, even through skin in cosmetics,  is risk for MH
6 2 Too low cholesterol is a risk to MH total cholesterol 4, and HDL 1 are the lowest good values for MH
7 2 Refuse to be manipulated your family memeber, boss, friend etc. may want to influence to you indirectly, refuse to obey
8 2 Do not stress for other people by stressing for others you cannot help but wear down yourself, still be empathetic and help
9 2 Don´t cosume trash entertainment this stimulates nerves in late night +destroys your sleep and peace of mind. Have self discipipline
10 2 Do not worry about the world there is nothing you can help by worrying
11 2 Do not worry about your children there is nothing you can help by worrying
12 2 Stay off from bad, negative people first learn to spot them, then keep distance who ever they are
13 2 Stay away from psychopaths psychopaths don´t “learn”, have no sympathy, do not care about others and make most unhappy
14 2 avoid very stressy job or situations too demanding job increses stress and can destroy your MH
15 3 Don´t allow poor sleeping habits go to bed before 23 and sleep well 7-8 hours is a base for good MH.
16 3 Avoid bad fats omega6 fats (normal restaurant oils) cause inflammation in gut + depression + weight gain
17 3 Avoid mind harming medication 25 % of all drugs damage mikrobiota and many effect negatively on MH
18 3 Avoid grugs and heavy drinking all narcotics and lots/ regular alcohol worsen sleep and mental health, radically