Activity level of a nations, in innovations, development and productivity depend largely on the health and energy level of working age people in each country.

There are numerous powerful and growing trends, which together are becoming a major risk for good national health in most countries, not least China and India and other densely populated developing countries .

They are as follows:


There are now multiple times more reproductive-, genital- and sexual health problems, because there are almost no limitations to the expose of the endocrine disruptors (chemicals which effect on hormone producing glands) that behave like hormones in the body.
The sexual development of children is very sensitive in the early weeks of the pregnancy and somewhat so in the early puberty. Individuals which have got hormonal distraction, have lower levels of sex related hormones, which effect on the behaviour, sexual orientation, genital health and reproductive capabilities.
The result of this phenomenon is now seen as growing inactivity in the gender related behaviour like average sexual activity among young adults, number of marriages and children to be born.
The quality of the sperm and testosterone levels have declined a lot during the last decades. With this trend we are facing the fact during the next 2-3 generations, that most men cannot likely make women pregnant anymore.
At the moment in Japan close to half of the young adults (18-39 years of age) are not interested in the opposite sex in sexual manner at all. In other countries the situation is similar. Studies now prove that the sexual activity in USA too, is in a sloping trend.
This worsening trend shall have dramatic impacts on the population structures already during the next decades.


Mobile phones are like “clued” to the hands of young and working age people all over the world. This addiction replaces other time-consuming activities like sports, handcraft, social activity, outdoor games and many other hobbies too. The personal developments of skills, capabilities and experiences (except mobile use / gaming and internet skills) is in a shrinking trend and now already makes most of the urban young people typically so called
“new helpless”. The children of them shall be even far more so, now that the important leaning by example does
not happen.
The use of internet and mobile phones does not seem to increase the level general knowledge or understating capacity either, even if all the knowledge of the world is available in the internet. People look mainly for entertainment of varying quality.


According to international research teams, already the present coverage of TV, Radio, mobile, WLAN etc. wireless nets and radiation effect on our health by causing psychological and social oriented impacts like loneliness and somatic illnesses like depression and certain cancers.
The worsening health statistics support clearly this logical statement. Our habit is to keep the mobile at hand and close to the body almost all the time, is common risk to get exposed to. 
5G shall make this phenomenon dramatically worse.


Due to many changes of lifestyle habits, the physical movement and thus energy consumption is decreasing, starting on children. At the same time the quality of food is not supported really by health eating awareness or health habits but rather the advertisements of the food industry which tempt people to eat fibre and nutrient poor, and sugar, chemical and energy rich processed foods. The “Big Food” is also becoming more skilful to make people addicted to certain brand fast (trash) foods.
This trend leads into the epidemic of overweight with numerous side – illnesses that come with it, like heart illnesses, diabetes, fatty liver, mental health problems and Alzheimer etc.
Their impact on national economies of this illness growing trend, shall be astronomical.


Poor gut health and sleeping habits, poor micro circulation of blood and lymph, nutrition poor eating habits, overweight and lack of exercise together drop the level of immune resistance.
At the same time, we have growing number of antibiotic resistant pathogens.
The result is that we see already now, and shall see much more in the future, illnesses and deaths due to low level of immunity.


Overweight, high blood sugar, lack of healthy fats and vitamin B`s, shrinking amount of exercise and other brain healthy hobbies together bring us more working age and retired people with memory illnesses.
Tendency to spend time in SOME etc activities without any intellectual functions, make this worse.
Before memory illness appears, for many years the brain health (= cognitive capacity) has been sloping down.
In the work life this means poorer productivity and adaptability and poorer mental health and lower level of quality of life.


There are more melancholic and depressed people than ever. All those ealier mentioned and listed things in this article, especially brain health issues, cause poorer mental health.
Declining mental health is declining, because the large number cause factors are growing and increasing.

These life changing trends and processes cannot be stopped or reversed without extensive deep effecting and preventive national health program, where large number of preventing measures shall be executed.

Veli-Jussi Jalkanen
Preventive health specialist