HYPOTHYROIDISM (HD) – LOW ACTIVITY OF THE THYROID GLANS A very common health problem today

A very common health problem today

Biochemist, known and respected functional MD Päivi Mäkeläinen has made a useful and important book (Kilpirauhasen toimintahäiriöt ja kokonaisvaltainen hoito 2016) about many illnesses of the thyroid glands.


In this summary from this book of MD Mäkeläinen, I however only focus on hypothyroidism because it’s  most common and relatively easy to prevent and heal with own lifestyle and nutritional means.


  • TG is located under the chin on the throat. There are many illnesses in it like goitre etc.
  • It has two sections, right and left and the balance level between them can vary (found by me in reflexology)
  • On the back side of it, there are parathyroid sections. They interfere too in hormonal balance.
  • TG produces number of hormones. The most important of them are T4 = thyroksin and T3 trijodtyroniin.
  • TG influences in all cells in the body controlling growth, development, energy metabolism, heat production, circulation, and sex / breeding.
  • TG hormones have important impacts on the sugar- and protein metabolism and use of vitamins and minerals.
  • In the cells of the body T4 turns into T3. In this formation process selenium is needed.
  • In special conditions (high stress etc.) T4 can also change to rT3 and other hormones which may have various, slowing down impacts in the body.
  • Tyrosine is the starting substance (raw material) to for either T4 and T3.
  • T4 is pre -hormone and “storage” hormone and can turn into T3 and other TG hormones
  • T3 is the most active TG hormone. It generates most of the important and active functions of TG
  • rT3 slows down metabolism, is usefully protective in illnesses, high stress, starvation etc.
  • T2 increases fat use as energy source (brown fat), blood sugar balance, weight loss, helps T4 to turn into T3
  • T1 lowers the body temperature. Protects the nerve system and the brain
  • TG regulates many hormonal activities in the body together with other hormonal regulators: hypothalamus, adrenal glands (lisämunuainen) hypophysis (aivolisäke), testicles, ovaries, hormonal section of the pancreas, parathyroid (lisäkilpirauhanen), thymus (kateenkorva) and pineal gland (käpylisäke). Together they are called the HORMONE ORCHESTRA. All parts effects on each other. If this orchestra plays in balance together, person is healthy.
  • Main process for hormonal launch/ stimulation: Hypophysis produces TRH hormone (thyrotropin) => hypophysis produces THS hormone => to activate TG hormones.


  • The symptoms are: weight gain, feeling cold, loss of energy, poorer blood lipid values, melancholy or depression, cold fingers and toes, dry skin, constipation, low pulse, hair loss, morning stiffness, joint ache, swelling face, reproduction problems, memory problems,


  • Long term stress reduces activity of hypothalamus and hypophysis => TG hormones are produced less = > metabolism slows down
  • In the case of suspicion of hormonal imbalance, in functional = holistic medicine the proper approach to balance and activate the operation of the HORMONE ORCHESTRA is studied carefully by the laboratory tests and thorough personal interview
  • Iodine (I = Jodi) is needed to produce TG hormones. If it is in low supply, low TG hormone level follows. This is the main and most common cause for the TG hormonal imbalances and disturbances.
  • Possible root reasons and their combinations to TG illnesses and malfunctions: poor diet, shortages of vitamins and minerals, toxins of chemicals and fungus in the living environment, chronical infections like Lyme disease and mycoplasma, food allergies, disturbed immune defence, diabetes etc any disturbances in the blood sugar balance, gut infections and poor gut health in general, stress, adrenal gland problems, genes, and low level inflammation whatever tissue it is existing in.
  • Out of nutrients I (150 -500 mcg), Se (200 mcg), Zn (20) , Cu (3), Fe, C, E, D (100 min), B2, B3 (1 mg), B6, Mg, Omega3, Cr, Boron, manganese and tyrosine amino acid.


  • Increase TG critical / useful nutrients a lot
  • Degrease stress in multiple ways
  • Remove toxins and allergenic materials from your food and environment
  • Trace inflammatory tissues, heal inflammations
  • Reduce TG antibodies
  • Reduce possible drugs that disturb TG like: beta blockers, lithium products (for epilepsy), theophylline for asthma, many cancer drugs, prednisolone.
  • Do more exercise but in a calm and unstressed way, do not overburden yourself
  • Increase ubiquinone intake from supplements
  • Increase melatonin supplement up to 3 mg / in he evening
  • Gingseng, roseroot = rhodiola rosea (ruusujuuri), aswagandha, licorice root (lakritsinjuuri) all activate parathyroid and thus help also TG.
  • Homeopathic
  • Acupuncture manually or by electricity
  • Drug treatment under the supervision of a holistic special MD, either T4 or if someone dares to describe, T3, or both

If you have any problems personally with “HORMONAL ORCHESTRA”, buy this good book, learn, understand and heal yourself.